FEM and Structural Analysis


Rend offers an analysis service using the Finite Element Method (FEM / FEA), a tool that enables rapid study of components and structures, identifying any problems with product operation, and then making the necessary changes for improvement.
This approach speeds up the evolution of the project and optimizes the testing phase by reducing prototypes.

We support our clients in the study of:
Linear static structural analyses
Nonlinear static structural analyses
Dynamic structural analyses
Fatigue verification analyses
Thermal analyses
Vibrational and modal analyses
Buckling analyses
Topological optimization

How do we manage the simulation process? Here are the steps it consists of:

Model setup

Loads and constraints are applied to the 3D model to better represent the real case. The mechanical and thermal properties of the materials of which they will be composed are also assigned to each model.


The solids are divided into elements obtaining a mesh on whose nodes all values of interest will be evaluated, the mesh is optimized according to the geometry and operation of the component.


Simulation results can show us:
The deformations
The stresses and strains
An indication of the fatigue life
The distribution of temperatures
The vibrational motions

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