Caballero 500

MOTOCYCLE | Fantic Motor

Fantic is an Italian company active in the motorcycle and e-bike industry, producing its own designs.

Starting from the mathematical aesthetics received, the customer asked us to cooperate in the design and industrialization of various parts of a new motorcycle model.
Rend's Technical Staff, in collaboration with internal Fantic reference figures, first studied the feasibility and consequently industrialized the product in its various parts, always with attention to the reference Design.

Given the coordinates of the reference axes for the chassis, the weight targets, and the overall dimensions of the related components, the swingarm was designed and industrialized for realization by sheet metal stamping and welding.

The Scrambler version license plate holder assembly was designed and industrialized, in compliance with the reference standards for the positioning of the light assembly and license plate.

Fundamental was the study of coupling between plastic parts and carpentry frame, to ensure rigidity and simplicity in assembly.