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Rend is a mechanical design, 2D & 3D modelling and product development firm powered by a team of professionals who since 2001 have taken on every challenge with passion and devotion. We manage all stages of product design and development, from concept to design study and final design, applying our technical know-how and cutting-edge instrumentation to offer innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

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We are looking for both junior and senior profiles to join our team! The ideal candidate is between 18 and 40 years old, has an even minimal experience in 3D and 2D mechanical design and is able to use at least one Cad software. Preferably holding a Master's Degree in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering or Diploma of Mechanical expert.

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The REND method

Our method is based on three key concepts: planning, customer involvement and technical comparison. We create a roadmap with the client, starting by listening to requirements and including consultancy and support activities to optimise the design ideas. This stage is followed by a period of internal research and comparison, where shared individual knowledge leads to the same goal: find the best way to develop the project by maximising performance and minimising time and costs, all coordinated by a dedicated internal management team. Thanks to an approach directed toward constant improvement, each idea is perfected, yielding a final result that is both innovative and of high quality.

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